GeoENVI Services

GIS(Geographic information System) can be defined as a system designed to capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage and present spatial or geographic data. GeoENVI comprises of long term experienced GIS personel who have interacted with a wide range of GIS technologies.

  • GIS Software Training

    We offer customized trainings on both GIS and Remote Sensing Softwares & applications.These softwares include both commercial and open source.

  • Geo-Informatics Consultancy

    We offer a wide range of Geo-informatics Consultancy services mainly focusing on providing solutions in the areas of Water & Natural resource management, Land administration & management, climate change & environmental modeling and Field data collection.

  • WebGIS Application Development

    We also offer design, development and setting up of WebGIS based system for information management in Biodiversity, Agriculture, Environment, Health & Socio-economic and Land Administration.

  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory

    We support governments and individual, public/private institutions to establish GHG inventory and Management systems.

  • Disaster & Early warning Systems

    We design & implement disaster early warning system to support government to manage drought, floods, wild fires, diseases outbreak i.e Malaria, Rift valley fever, ebola using earth observation technology.

  • Ecosystems & Biodiversity Mapping

    We take advantage of the cuttting edge Geospatial technology to model changes in ecosystems and biodiversity degradation. We support government & communities to account for Ecosystem service & design biodiversity conservation strategies.

We help our clients measure, manage, and report GHG emissions. Specific services includes: developing customized tools for archiving, monitoring, reporting & verification of emissions trajectories. We also build capacity of our clients to collect, assess quality and fill gaps in GHG activity data.

We support decision making by representing complex situations in simplified maps, geo-statistical graphs,charts and analysis reports."A map is the greatest of all epic peoms. Its lines and colours show the realization of great dreams"( by Clibert Hovey)

  • Agronomic Support & Agri-business.

    We offer Agronomic support & Agri-business Advisory to our clients. We promote sustainable development through climate smart agricultural innovations and dryland agricultural conservation.

  • Climate & Environmental modelling

    We employ state of the art innovations in Geospatial technology to model environmental and climate changes, impact assessment, vulnerability, mitigiation & adaptation.We map and model terrestial & acquatic natural reaources.